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SMS or Voice Message - you decide!

SMS Solution

Import your contacts, create your text messages, and press send. It's that easy! Delivery capacity can be increased by adding more servers to suit your need. Our platform comes with a web-based Operations Manual for easy configuration and usage.

Voice Solution

Import your contact list, pre-record your message, and press send. Convenient setting include:

  • Set the number of times for unanswered calls to be retried
  • Set a scheduled date and time for the voice call campaign

Voice Solution
with IVR

An interactive voice message that prompts customers to respond by using their phone keypad. Responses include call routing to live call agents on standby for handling. IVR menus can be configured by following the system's call-flow structure and sequence.

What We Need From You

Patent Document

Simplify your communication. Pre-record your message and have it delivered to your list of targeted contacts with just one click. Convenient setting includes number of times for unanswered call to be retried or even scheduling an expiry time for the voice call campaign. Supports both in-bound service request and out-bound dedicated calls.